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Please, We cannot be held responsible for any Bans, Account Wipes or anything else along them lines. This is the Responsibility and the Decision of the Customer to check the Terms and Conditions/Rules of each Game, To ensure the Rules are being Followed!

Unless we state otherwise, We cannot just give compensation, Once the gold/Items have been Delivered that is our work done.

We can however offer some Tips and Information on how you can avoid any Bans, Account Wipes or anything else along them lines, in the best possible way. 

Follow these Steps/Suggestions from us on how you can do your best to avoid problems!



  1. You can Mix-Up the Delivery Methods - Face-To-Face Trade, In-Game Mailing or Dropping items

  2. Always be sure to make Limited number of Trades - Don't make 10 different Purchases a day for Delivery, Try keep it all to a Single Order if you can do so. This limits the time You have deliveries to you.

  3. Be Careful on Low Level Accounts - When a Low Level Account has a high Wealth, Unless proven it's hard to say a Low Level hasn't bought the Gold they're carrying.

  4. Do Not mention any Purchases you have made - Mentioning ANY Purchases in-game is a bad idea, Even if it's a Private Message. You are on their Game and they can easily Log your Chats!

  5. Look out for our Insurance Guarantees - Some of our Products, Such as Accounts come with a Money Back Guarantee which will always be stated in the Information 

This is just Highly suggested if you wish/care about Bans and Problems happening!

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